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New Games

Every year we add new games, and 2016 is no exception. 
Here are the new games this year:

  • Car Wash Mister Cool off in this human car wash. (Outside, between Spring & Summer areas) 
  • Connect Four Play a life-size version of an old favorite.  (Convention Center, 2nd floor)
  • Dig into Fall  Our version of Find It!  (Outside, Fall area)
  • Gone Fishin'  Sit back, relax and catch a few fish.  (Outside, Summer area)
  • Knockerballs Wear an inflatable sphere and experience exhilarating knocks and rolls.   (Convention Center, 1st floor)
  • Let it Snow!  It's snowing in August! (Outside, Winter area)
  • Misting Tent  Another walk-thru area to help you cool off while you Play through the Seasons.  (Outside, between Fall & Winter)
  • Putt Putt It's an inflatable. (Outside, Spring area)
  • Santa Hat Toss  Try your hand at this Christmas themed ring toss. (Outside, Winter area) 
  • Snow Mountain  Slide through a stream of colorful light as you race down the snow slide. (Outside, Winter area, GPS Game, $10)
  • Spider Climb  Climb and crawl through different levels of webbing then slide down to end the fun.  (Outside, Spring area, GPS Game, $10)
  • Tree of Hope  Our new version of Door to the Future.  (Inside, Convention Center, 1st floor)
  • Why We Play  Learn more about Miles Perret Cancer Services & Why We Play on Game Day!  (Outside, Between the Cajundome and Convention Center)
  • Zipline  Leap and soar through the air.  (Outside, behind Summer area, GPS Game, $10)


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