History & Mission
Recognizing a need ... Our History
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When Miles was diagnosed in 1995, his family determined right away that Miles would have as normal and carefree a life as possible. Their journey with him provided firsthand experience of the daily challenges of fighting cancer. In 1996, Miles succumbed to a brain tumor (gliioblastoma). A few years later, the Perret family started Games of Acadiana, a family oriented fundraising event, first held August 25, 2001. The amazing success of the first Game Day enabled the Miles Perret Center to open less than a year later.

 The Miles Perret Center has grown over the past decade to become Miles Perret Cancer Services (MPCS), a comprehensive resource center helping those in Acadiana fight, survive, and live with cancer. Since opening June 27, 2002, MPCS has helped over 13,000 families in Acadiana.

 Games of Acadiana is still the principle source of funding for Miles Perret Cancer Services though MPCS hosts other small events throughout the year. Additionally, MPCS accepts private donations, memorial gifts, and grants. MPCS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Deciding to act ... Our Mission

Miles Perret Cancer Services (MPCS) is a haven for individuals and their families fighting, surviving and living with cancer. We are here to provide emotional support, guidance, resources, programs and most of all, hope. Our services are comprehensive and always provided at no charge. No appointment is necessary and there are no qualifications. We are located in Lafayette and our mobile unit extends services to outlying communities throughout Acadiana.

Recalling the journey ... Our Timeline

August 2001

1st Games of Acadiana
June 2002
Miles Perret Center opens
Spa Night started
Children's Program begins - becomes Smiles for Miles
Giving Tree Program spreads Christmas
2,000 wigs and hats provided
5,000 families served
August 2008
Mobile Miles hits the road - Name changes to Miles Perret Cancer Services
June 2009
Wellness Center opens
April 2010
Children's Area opens
July 2010
Miles of Hope & Flags of Hope donation programs begin
August 2010
10th Anniversary of Games of Acadiana - Honored volunteers
December 2010
Shared Christmas with 192 children affected by cancer
November 2011
Record participation in Camellia Crossing with over 1900 participants
December 2011
Shared Christmas with nearly 300 children affected by cancer
June 201210th Anniversary of MPCS
August 2012
12th Anniversary of Games of Acadiana. Honored Caregivers
August 2012
8,000 families served
November 2012Camellia Crossing became Acadiana's first GLEAUX run. 
2013Community Outreach Program began
2014Mobile Miles hits over 50,000 miles of outreach
December 201411,000 Families Served
August 201515th Anniversary of Games of Acadiana




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