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6/8/2009 4:39:10 PM

With his gun slung over his shoulder, Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon started walking to his next target with the confidence of a man who hits his mark every time (along with the rest of his team!) They took first place this year, but as I found out, winning isn’t why he’s spending this Saturday at our Sporting Clays Classic in Maurice.


“I’ve done this every year since it started. I lost my Dad to cancer,” he told me as we walked that dirt path to the next shooting station.


Dynamic Industries, ARC Industries, Southern Steel & Supply and Dynamic Offshore Resources put on the Sporting Clays Classic for Miles Perret Cancer Services. Just like the Sheriff, it’s personal for the folks at these companies


Steve “Sunset” Miller and Cheyenne Burns started showing up at Miles Perret Cancer Services about three months before the shoot. Planning a fundraiser for families fighting cancer isn’t their day job, but you’d never know it! They put their hearts into making sure everyone passes a good time!  

We were fed well too! A great group of guys --- with trailers in tow ---  fried up fish and stirred up jambalaya for us to enjoy (and we did!). Volunteers sold raffle tickets and staffed the shooting stations.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your time and talents with us!


It sure seemed like fun to me --- kind of like tailgating with guns!


“Pull” they called from their perch in the shooting station, as they aimed skyward.


“Boom” that gun roared as a bullet ripped out of the barrel and tore into that flying clay saucer.




(Those ear plugs came in handy!)


They cheered each other on, consoled some and laughed a lot. There was a clear, blue sky overhead and a nice summer breeze on our backs ---- it was a dynamic day in more than one way!


“Your organization really is special,” the Texan, with the ten gallon hat, told me after winning a gun in our raffle.


I have to agree ---- what I see happening for families fighting cancer at Miles Perret Cancer Services is special. So special, it would not be possible without community-centered businesses like Dynamic Industries, ARC Industries, Southern Steel & Supply and Dynamic Offshore Resources.


Thank you for caring about families fighting cancer in Acadiana!

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