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Businessmen Honor Mothers with Donation
5/19/2009 9:17:37 AM

Two well-known area men want to make sure families fighting cancer in Acadiana have the continued support of Miles Perret Cancer Services. Wayne Elmore and Tom Galloway have been business partners for years and now they are teaming up to give back to our community. Their recent donation to Miles Perret Cancer Services will enable us to continue to provide emotional support and resources to anyone diagnosed with cancer in Acadiana.  


The mission of MPCS is a personal one for Wayne and Tom. They both know what it’s like to watch a loved one fighting cancer. Wayne’s mother, 89-year-old Vertie Elmore and Tom’s mother-in-law have both battled cancer.


Vertie Elmore’s battle began about 25 years ago, when she found out she had cancer of the breast bone. She had surgery to remove her breast bone. 15 years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and went through chemotherapy. Five years later, Vertie found out she had cancer in her other breast and went through a mastectomy and chemotherapy again. She’s also faced numerous bouts with skin cancer.


“I’ve had cancer in my family. I know there’s a lot more to treating them than just medicine. Healing and care goes into it.” Wayne told me recently.


Wayne is one of five children and he was a military brat ---- his mother raised the kids while his father served his country.


Wayne told me, “My mother was the soul provider and keeper. She did everything she could to provide for her kids. She’s just somebody special as any mom is.”


Tom’s mother-in-law is more private about her battle. But, he knows what she’s going through and what the families that turn to Miles Perret are facing too. Tom is a three-time cancer survivor.


“What you do is awesome!” he told me during a phone conversation recently.


Tom is impressed with this place where people can find comfort and support. His grandson has autism and he wishes there was a place like Miles Perret in Florida, where he lives, for families going through the pain of that reality. He was inspired to give because of what he saw at Miles Perret Cancer Services.


“This place is unique and I’m glad to reach in and help,” Tom said.


Tom and Wayne are co-owners of Louisiana Physician Corporation and Southern Benefit Services. Wayne is also the owner of Mello Joy Coffee Company and the co-owner of Chair Slippers and 


“I believe anything that we can do to help comfort people is important,” Wayne told me.


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