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10/6/2009 9:44:07 AM
The little guy in this picture is the reason Miles Perret Cancer Services exists.


Debbie Perret told me that Miles was about four or five when this photo was taken.


Since the opening of our Wellness Center in April 2009, Debbie has been telling me that she has the perfect picture of Miles for our new space. Then she would say, “It’s not about Miles though, so maybe we shouldn’t put it up.”


Of course, without Miles, there would be no special place offering hope and support for people with cancer.


It’s not always easy for Debbie to talk about her “Milesy”, but when I asked her about this picture, the stories flowed and we laughed out loud.


Apparently, Miles knew he wasn’t supposed to be using Dad’s workout equipment unless Hank or Debbie was around to watch him. Debbie joked that the grin on his face makes it clear to her that,” he knew he was in big trouble!”


Debbie’s cousin Kirk was visiting with his new wife when the photo was taken. The boys (Miles was one of five!) wouldn’t leave the young couple alone! The gym equipment was in the guest house where Kirk and Amy were staying.


“Milesy jumped over there and said, ‘Kirk, look at me!’” Debbie told me.


She said Miles just wanted to prove he was a big boy too. With three older brothers and a very active Dad, Miles was always trying “keep up and emulate Hank” according to Debbie. Though unlike his older brothers, Debbie said Miles was willing to test the waters with Mom and Dad (he did flex his muscles for the camera!).


During his first swim meet in Houma, he stepped up onto the block to start the race. Debbie was standing right behind him --- there to help him up onto the block --- if he needed it. As he stood perched high above the water, he took one look down into the depths below, turned to Debbie and said….


“I ain’t doing this!”  


Before she knew it, he had hopped off the block and left the race. When I asked if any of her other boys would have dared to do that, she said with a laugh, “No, they just did what we told them to do.”


Then there was “the greatest game he ever had ….”


He was five! He hit a triple and caught a fly ball in his baseball game. She smiled and said, “He was so excited! He was on top of the world!”


I smiled too. It’s always fun listening to “one proud mama”, as Debbie would say, talking about her little boy.

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