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9/16/2009 12:23:50 PM

I have always loved “full circle” moments! Since coming to work at Miles Perret Cancer Services, my life keeps coming full circle in special ways.


Since last December, I’ve been hearing about Eli Lilly’s Oncology on Canvas International Art Exhibit. The pharmaceutical company has created a juried art show for people impacted by cancer --- the survivors putting up the fight, caregivers supporting loved ones and doctors and nurses providing treatment. The selected art is displayed all over the world.


Lafayette is hosting this one-of-a-kind exhibit at the UL Alumni House this Thursday. As part of this special event, Miles Perret is holding a free art workshop this Saturday for cancer survivors, caregivers and providers. It is an opportunity to tell your cancer journey through art.


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a closer look at the Oncology on Canvas website and I noticed something that seemed familiar. In 2004, the art was exhibited in London.


Oprah talks about aha moments and I had one! When I was a TV news reporter, I did a story with a cancer survivor who had a piece of her artwork displayed in London. I thought …. What are the chances?






Loretta Shultz will tell you that she shouldn’t be alive. She has been brought to deaths door and back by doctors in order to save her life. She is the ultimate fighter! She also is an amazing artist. Her pencil sketch of a woman with only one breast and a big scar where there once was another captures what so many women in Acadiana face.


Loretta’s work was selected by Eli Lilly to be a part of the Oncology on Canvas exhibit in London in 2004.


I’ve never believed in coincidences --- too much faith and many moments of grace in my own life to go there. I believe in connections and deeper meanings behind what we experience.


I’ve done many stories in my news career and, often, I never see people that I’ve interviewed again. Then there are those who keep coming back to me. Their spirit captures a piece of my heart and it doesn’t go away.


Loretta is one of those people. And here she is again! --- reminding me not to give up, to express myself doing what I love and to open my heart to all the possibilities of this life.         



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