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Sephora and MPCS: A Beautiful Partnership
5/27/2009 11:25:02 AM

 “I look beautiful!” Patricia Hebard exclaimed through tears, as she admired herself in the mirror at the Sephora store recently.


Patricia is one of four clients from Miles Perret Cancer Services who took part in a special morning of beauty at Sephora, in the Mall of Acadiana, called “Makeovers For Miles”.  


Sephora is known for its beauty products, but the true beauty lies within the people who work there.


The Store Manager, Melissa Howard, led the way in creating this magic morning. Melissa opened the store early and paired up a Sephora team member with each Miles Perret client. There was a station set up for each lady with their favorite coffee drink and breakfast, a rose on their chair and their name on a sign. It really is the little things that mean so much!


Melissa and her team wanted our ladies to feel special. Mission Accomplished and we’d only been there a minute!


Each Sephora team member took time to visit with the ladies ---- and listen. They heard about their chemo treatments, the frustration of eyebrows not growing back and the doubts about their looks. Our MPCS clients shared their stories, as hands were massaged, mini-facials given and make-up applied with a delicate touch.


Through their time at Miles Perret Cancer Services, I have gotten to know Barbara Mergist, Elaine Faul, Celeste Castille and Patricia Hebard. They are beautiful women --- inside and out.


Watching them laugh out loud, cry tears of joy (trying not to run their newly applied mascara) and spend time together with the women of Sephora, took beautiful to a whole new level!


Patricia couldn’t contain her glee as she cried out, “Oh, thank you! Thank you for changing my life. I never would have had anything like this if I had stayed in New Orleans.”


Patricia came to Miles Perret Cancer Services after evacuating in a boat from Hurricane Katrina, holding her x-rays high above the water. She has been with us ever since. It is our joy to inspire hope in our cancer survivors. We couldn’t do it without partners like Sephora!


Each lady had a photo shoot to wrap up our morning. I channeled my inner Tyra Banks to get their best shot and capture the transformation. Their photos will be up at Sephora for two months and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to share our mission through this innovative partnership.


Thank you Sephora for making Acadiana a more beautiful place by helping families fighting cancer! 



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