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"Superior" Night at the Ballpark
4/30/2009 9:54:32 AM

Once in awhile someone will say to me, “It must be hard on you emotionally to work at Miles Perret.”


That’s when I share stories about all the “magic” moments that I witness through my work with Miles Perret Cancer Services and the families we serve. They are moments of pure joy when someone battling cancer finds themselves surrounded by love, support and a sense of hope.


Superior Energy Services “Night at the Ballpark” created many magic moments.


Haydn Precht was diagnosed with leukemia when he was six-years-old. Two years ago, he had a bone marrow transplant and almost a year of chemotherapy to save his life. Now, his little body -- that has been through so much -- is still fighting. Tuesday night at the Tigue, none of that mattered.


Haydn was beaming as he stood on Tigue Moore Field with Coach Robichaux and his team. The Gravity Devils had just landed, but Haydn was still flying high! As we walked past the team to get a picture with the skydivers, UL Lafayette player Justin Robichaux handed Haydn a signed baseball. Neither of them said a word and they didn’t need to. Haydn’s cheeks turned pink and his smile stretched across his face like a player stretching his body for a slide into home plate.


Magic Moments 1   Cancer 0


When I first met Haydn he was a shy little guy. His mom Kristal was fighting her own battle with breast cancer. When Superior Energy Services asked who should throw out the first pitch for Miles Perret Cancer Services ---- I thought of them. Our mission is to serve families fighting cancer. We focus on families because we know that everyone within a family is affected. The Precht family has been hit twice as hard.


While Beau Gautreaux, the son of a Superior Energy Services employee, and Hunter Trahan, the son of Robert Trahan, a co-founder of MPCS, took the mound, I whispered to Haydn that he could go as close to home plate as he wanted to for his first pitch. He shook me off like a pitcher shaking off a signal from his catcher.


As the announcer told his story, Haydn started to wind up and we said, “Not yet”. He was so excited!


Then it was time. The little fighter from Jennings fired off his pitch and that ball sailed right over home plate.


The crowd cheered!


Magic Moments 2   Cancer 0


Thank you Superior Energy Services and Cajun Baseball for “A Night at the Ballpark” filled with magic moments!


It’s good to be on your team!


Thank you for hitting it out of the ballpark for Miles Perret Cancer Services and families fighting cancer in Acadiana!















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