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August: Plant-Based Main Dishes
8/1/2016 1:52:49 PM

More food, fewer calories sounds like the ideal diet plan. Consuming less meat leaves room in you diet for more whole grains, beans, fruit, and veggies. Less meat in your diet also means less saturated fats and cholesterol. Some people call this diet the "Flexitarian Diet”- eating less meat, but not cutting it out completely. Try having one night during the week without meat on your plate. Meatless Monday is a global campaign promoting this idea. Kick start a healthy week ahead by using meat as a side rather than the main focus of your meal.

Health Benefits:

·Reduced stroke risk

·Limit cancer risk

·Fight diabetes

·Curb obesity


·More nutrients in diet

Financial Benefits:

·Less spending on healthcare

·Weekly budget decrease

Environmental effects:

·Less water used

·Reduce greenhouse gasses

·Reduced fuel dependence

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