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Whole Grains from Whole Foods Market
2/20/2016 9:17:44 AM

Follow these tips from Whole Foods Market to add whole grains to every meal:

Don’t think about whole grains as dinner-only meal elements; they can be enjoyed throughout the day.


  • In addition to cooked cereals and porridges, consider slipping uncooked millet or plain cooked brown rice into your pancake or muffin batters.

  • Add cooked whole grains to whisked eggs and sliced veggies for an elegant and filling frittata.

  • Rolled oat-based granola is a breakfast staple – add rolled rye and barley to mix things up.


  • Grain salads are lunchtime all-stars – lean on last night’s leftovers for mid-day mains that will fill you up until dinner.

  • Pat cooked whole grains into "cakes” for an easy, hand-held meal.

  • The quick and easy classic, brown rice and beans, is a protein-packed and totally customizable lunch staple.


  • Whole grains are side dish champions, happy to be tossed in a cool vinaigrette or treated to a hearty stir in a risotto-like preparation.

  • Bulk up vegetable soups with a handful of filling whole grains.

  • Stuff cooked whole grains into hollowed out bell peppers, summer squash or eggplant, then bake.

Desserts and Snacks

  • Add raw or cooked oats to your usual fruit mixture for ultra-satisfying smoothies.

  • Whole grains of the puffed variety can be formed in protein-rich snack bars. Try popping millet and amaranth in a dry skillet for adding to bars or sprinkling on yogurt.

  • Transform brown rice into a classic dessert pudding with a few simple steps.


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