Our Wish List

We are often in need of supplies for our clients. Below are two lists of supply needs. We would love your help in filling these supplies.

Medical Support Supply Needs:

  • Adult pull-ups (any size)
  • Bedliners
  • Biotene mouthwash
  • Biotene toothpaste
  • Face masks
  • Large square scarves
  • Latex exam gloves (S, M, L & XL)
  • Medical tape (paper & cloth)
  • Sterile and non-sterile gauze (4"x4")
  • Trache collars and bibs

General Supply Needs:

  • Copy paper and colored cardstock
  • Plastic Wig Stands and Wig Caps
  • Paper Shredder
  • Cotton polyfill (for pillows)
  • Soft fabric (for pillows)
  • 5x7 canvases (Art class)
  • Rolls of curl ribbon