Anything new this year?

Yes! Last year, in the mission “Au Revoir,” we asked for your suggestions. We compiled those ideas and incorporated many of them into this year’s game.

• The game starts on a Friday this year. Thus you will receive your mission list before the weekend and can make plans accordingly.

• This year, every Saturday during the game, we will staff the MPCS Lobby with game specialists (10am to 2pm) who can answer your questions.

• We heard you when you asked for more points for visiting the outlying parishes. This year we have added a 2nd mission in each of the nine (9) outlying parishes MPCS serves. In each parish, in addition to the traditional mission, you will be asked to locate a poster with a giant QR Code and photograph it. For each QR picture submitted your team will be awarded 500 points. Additionally, scan the QR Code in each parish to obtain a unique letter. Once you have obtained all 9 letters, unscramble them to guess the “Parish Mystery Word.” Guess correctly and your team will be awarded 5,000 points.

 • In an effort to recognize those teams that send in inspired submissions, we have developed the Creativity Bonus. See "Are there any ways to get bonus points?" for more information.

• You certainly are a competitive bunch! If you doubt us, just watch the leaderboard as teams vie for the top spots. While the teams at the top of the leaderboard get the most entries into the raffle, we thought that this year they should get a little extra recognition. In 2022 the top three (3) teams on the leaderboard (after all scores are finalized by the Mission Masters) will be awarded $300, $200, and $100 respectively.