How do I Join the Hunt?

1. Download “GooseChase” app from Google Play or the App Store

2. Create a new account with an email, username, and password of your choice. Note: If you created an account in a previous game, you can log in to that account.

3. Search for the game:

  • Use game code: 1G8993, or
  • Tap the search icon and enter “2022 Games Across Acadiana” in search bar.


4. Select Team & Join Game

  •  Press “Create Team”
  • Here there are options to:
    • Select a team picture
    • Edit your Team Name (Example: Johnson Family), and
    • Note your access code – if you want others to join your team and participate with separate mobile devices, they will need this code.
  • Once you’ve edited and are ready to move on, press “Create team and join game.”
  • If you are joining a team that’s already been created, select that team and enter the team’s access code (obtain code from team creator).

5. Enable notifications. We strongly recommend you allow notifications as we will be sending instructions and bonus opportunities throughout the game. Additionally, we will send the winning teams notifications through the app.